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I am a disabled veteran and this mortgage company said they would work with me but has not and said that I either should sell my house or I will loose it. I have a fiance and 5 children and i think First Franklin would rather see us living on the street then helping and keeping us in our home. They say they will help in hardship times. YEA RIGHT!!! They want you to come out of it before they will help.

When you are a disabled veteran and do not work anymore and cant due to your injuries, that was sustained while in IRAQ, serving our great nation and keeping the people safe that work behind that desk, you think they would help, even if it was to take the 9.7% interest that I pay down to at least 6% that would help me to keep food on our table and water running to take a shower and lights on to keep our milk cold.

I have never heard of a mortgage company that don't give a rats @!# about any of its people. I have a loan of $76,000 with this place and if I get to keep my home in 30 years I will have paid this dump over $279,000. All I have to say to this place is "First Franklin you are not welcome for anything and they way you treat a veteran you should take your company over seas and you would fit right in with the teariest, and for the way you treat a man that has fought for you to have your chair on wheels that you sit on every day!

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