First Franklin Loan Services act like gangsters and should be treated as such. Whether this is due to the lack of experience of corporate management or done at direction of corporate management, the corporation and corporate management should be held civilly liable and face criminal prosecution for the actions of First Franklin Loan Services. This is such a blatantly criminal enterprise that even the investors should be held liable for the actions of the company and corporate management.

First Franklin Loan Services financed our 80/20 first and second. They have held our payments for up to 30 days for "processing" and then charged us late fees on both loans. This happened several times until we made them sign to receive their payments from the letter carrier.

First Franklin Loan Services stalled our loan modification on the first and then sold the mortgage to another (better) company once it became apparent that we would get the modification. Since working with our new loan company (a PROFESSIONAL company not one run as though it were a criminal enterprise), we now have an "Obama" loan on our first mortgage.

First Franklin still held the second and were being forced to match the interest rate of the first after mod so they sold it in late September 2010 to BOA. Of course, we are just the ones that signed the contract so there is no reason to inform us that they are selling the contract. After sending First Franklin Loan Services our September payment, we were billed by BOA for our September payment. Perhaps I should call them at breakfast, lunch and dinner like they did us, even when they did credit our accounts with payment after processing our payments on time. Wait, I should just start legal action and their attorneys can respond to the Court. Can you spell "PUNITIVE"?

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Me and My husband too have been the victim of the First Franklin buy out and/or transfer of our loan to supposedly Bank of America who told us we had to come up with $11K to get our account back in standing which was way more than what we were behind due to my husband being layed off. Now they are saying our home was foreclosed on in October of 2010 and they own the home.

I'm so confused and we have never received a notice of actually sale on the home of them purchasing it in a foreclosure that mind you no one would call me back about and I kept being passed from FF to BOA about the foreclosure. FF would say they couldnt do anything b/c our loan was being transferred to BOA and BOA who said they couldn't do anything b/c they would not have our paperwork until after the foreclosure date.

But I have did some research and FF was a servicer for Merrill Lynch who is own by BOA. So I feel like this is all a scam with BOA and I don't know what to do at this point or if an attorney could or would even help us????


Hey everyone. Check out www.righttocancel.com They help fight mortgage fraud and stop wrongful foreclosure. :)


Hey everyone. Check out www.righttocancel.com They help fight mortgage fraud and stop wrongful foreclosure. :)


Did anyone get their year end statements from FF


Please excuse my typos in the previous comments my mind is all over the place


First Franklin sold my loan to Bank of America Right As my husband and I were to get out Making Homes Affordable Modification....I did everything they asked of me sent the trial payments in on time etc. Just as everything was to be finalized I received a letter in the mail saying welcome to Bank of America we are now service your home loan.

I have called them numerous times just to have them tell me they don't have all of my information yet not to mention they don't see the payments I made to FF and I was told I was 8 months behind!!!!!

WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? They only information they have to date is my account information.....I feel stuck this can't be happing!!


What is being done about these folks and their unprofessional & misleading tactics? We went through 2 years of this stuff with them, trying to get it straight.

We are currnet but have hundreds of dollars in unresolved late fees, and just as I am still certified mailing them their own documents that clearly state what they were supposed to do with our loan, I get a letter saying BOA is now my new service provider and the class action lawsuit in the same month.

I am exhausted with fighting them. They never responded when they were supposed to, we basically had to make calculations & pay more than we needed to so they wouldn't forclose, they deducted multiple payments from my bank account, sighting computer glitches and still have our credit history inaccurate, and hundreds of dollars of fees on our account-made life stressful.

After making a payment and a half for a year, of which I questioned repeatedly-we were never more than 3 months behind to begin with - they still couldn't figure it out. Now I have another loan servicing company that has no record of anything that happened, except they want the late fees paid...any helpful information would be appreciated..


We too are fed up with First Franklin Loan Services (Home Loan Services). We received forclosure notice in March 2010, that we were behind on our mortgage and we were not behind at all. I have sent cleared checks, bank statements and everything I can think of to prove that our mortgage payments were made. The crazy thing is I always paid an extra $15.00 to pay by phone and get a conformation number for my payment. They still could not process it correct.

We have been trying to make house payments since April 2010 and they will not except the payment due to us "being behind" and they informed me that when it was all taken care of and cleared up then they would accept our payments per Ron Martin in the bankruptcy department of Home Loan Services. This is the gentleman that I have to call and make my payments with.

My husband and I both were unemployed for about 6 months and we have tried on several occasions to get a Making Homes Affordable Modification, which we do qualify for. Unfortunantly they deny us and say we did not get documents in on time. Well I faxed everything and print a fax conformation and still they do not get it.....Literally THEY DONT GET IT. I PRAY THAT EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE ACTIONS OF THIS COMPANY HAVE TO FEEL WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE TREATED THE WAY WE HAVE BEEN TREATED.

I am a business owner and have knowlege on running a business and this is not how you do it.

Please if there is any help in this situation or if anyone can direct me somewhere to get help, I would so appreciate it. If there is anything I may do to assist anyone, please do not hesitate to contact me....

Melisa Perez


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